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Meru Networks

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We are a company focused on providing high-quality satellite connectivity solutions, always tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the most demanding clients, without limitations of distance, condition, or location.

Vertical Markets

More than just Internet... we are Connectivity Solutions!


Our enterprise satellite internet service provides reliable and secure connectivity for businesses and corporations in remote areas, ensuring global connectivity regardless of geographic location
Enterprise & Corporate Internet
Our cellular backhaul solutions via satellite internet offer reliable and high-capacity connectivity for telecommunications networks, ensuring an efficient and secure link for data transport in cellular networks in locations without terrestrial access
Cellular Backhaul
Our managed satellite internet services provide comprehensive and managed solutions for businesses, enabling reliable and secure connectivity, backed by specialized technical support and continuous monitoring
Managed Services
Our Satellite Internet solutions for SCADA, IoT, and ATM-based solutions provide robust and secure connectivity, enabling real-time monitoring and remote control of critical systems, specifically for remote locations
Como funciona el Internet Satelital BG

How does Satellite Internet work?

The Customer Premises Equipment CPE (1), connected to the satellite modem, transmits the request through the VSAT antenna (2). This signal travels to the orbiting satellite (3), which then retransmits it to the ground station of Meru Networks (4). The ground station provides the internet connection for browsing the internet (5)

Our Coverage


Meru Networks’ coverage covers the footprint of the high-power geostationary satellite SES-14, which encompasses the entire Venezuelan and Colombian territories, a large part of the Andean region and Central America, within the American continent.


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